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Having looked at what online casino NZ can offer you, we have made a page dedicated to the game of online scratchies which are available to any players in New Zealand which are perhaps reading this. So, here we reveal all the information you need to know about playing this popular lottery game.

Discover online scratch cards from the best casinos in New Zealand

The scratch card game is one of the most popular games around the world both online and on the high street. They are very simple to play, offer a quick burst of fun and come in many sizes and prize amount. Though our focus is the online casino game and there are many reasons why you should switch from high street to online gaming when it comes to the game. This is important as when buying physical scratch cards, you are not guaranteed that the card is genuine. This is because anyone can order personalised scratch cards nowadays which makes it easy to counterfeit scratch tickets.

Huge jackpot scratch cards online

Find any online casino New Zealand operator and within it, you will find some great online scratchies to play. They come in a variety of stunning styles and designs. Players can pick from famous titles like Deal or No Deal™ or more random obscure games like Hairy Fairies™.

The jackpots can range from a few thousand rands up to a million. It’s a game that can certainly carry a lot of weight and offer life-changing rewards.

Play over 100 different online scratchies

The game is very basic and this adds to its appeal. The games are all played via virtual machines which offer you different amounts to wager, the higher you wager per scratch game, the bigger the prize rises. If this is your first time looking to play the game, then we advise testing out free online scratchies in their demo mode before playing with real online scratch cards which you can find inside this link.

100% Kiwi online scratchies

The game is so simple, you could play it on Auto Play and you wouldn’t miss a thing. The machine holds a panel and behind this panel are a number of symbols or cash amounts. By clicking reveal after placing the bet, you will see the symbols appear and should three symbols match, then you have won the adjacent prize value to that symbol or amount.

Playing online scratchies means you get a consistent jackpot unlike those which can be purchased on the high street linked to the national lottery.

The New Zealandn national lottery cannot compete with casinos

The national lottery has its flaws. The jackpot could be won and the customer purchasing a ticket would have no awareness over this. The scratch cards could long be on sale even with only the minimal prizes remaining. The casinos online always have a jackpot in place no matter how many times it is won. So, before you play, look out for free online casino scratch cards to test out which ones you’ll be playing whilst inside of the casino. This eliminates any risks and practice always makes perfect.

Play scratch cards online with the best casinos online

Join the best online casinos in New Zealand to get hold of fairer online scratchies. You have over 100 different games to play and all with assorted jackpots. You will find that some of the games come with extra game bonus features to help you expand your winnings. Once you register to play in any of our top 10 online SA casinos, you can claim a free bonus that allows you to play scratch games for free. More on this and other benefits can be found through our site links which make the action only a click away!

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